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My name is Teddy, aka Beardroid. I love playing and developing games since always. I started to think about earning my life with game design during my PhD (2014-end of 2017) so I started to seriously develop games in my spare time. Now, I'm a full time game designer since the end of 2017. You will find my last game just above.

My Games

Inspired by the 8 queen problem

In Chess Puzzle, place chess pieces on a board but no piece should threaten each other

A puzzle game inspired by 2048

In Get1000, you have to merge tiles to reach 1000 at the center

A colorfull puzzle game

In Puzzle Merge, merge the same icons all together by swapping it

A skill game in space

Help Bob the astronaut rescuing its alien friends by controlling black holes.

An one-thumb minimalist skill game

In Passage, you do not control your character but the obstacles around it.

A puzzle game based on color transmission

Transmit the ball from the start to the end by coloring your path.

Games are worked on as a freelance

A basketball management game

My mision was to ehance the behaviours of the AI defense system.

Get In Touch

I'm always developing something new. If you want to get in touch or just contact me, use the following contact: